GS Market Analysis

Before writing the Market Analysis section of the business plan, GSMR use these general terms to start research:

Target Market
Age What age range am I catering my products/services to? Kids? Adults? Seniors? Gen X? Millennials?
Gender Am I targeting men, women, or both sexes?
Marital Status Are my target customers married or single? 
Family  What is their family structure (number of children, extended family, etc.)?
Location Where do they live? Am I looking to sell locally? Regionally, Nationally?
Education How well are they educated?
Income What is their income?
Occupation What do they do for a living?
Religion Are they members of a particular religious group?
Language Are they members of a particular language group?
Lifestyle What is their lifestyle like?
Motivation What motivates them?
Size What is the size of the the target market?
market analysis